Friday, November 16, 2007


The rules f d contest r simple, just make ur blog or site the top on google search engine 4 d search keyword "janglosky" by d end f this year, i.e december 31 2007. And u end up d winner. "janglosky"..............

Register ur blog/site by giving ur name and blog/site address on d comments link f dis post.

Visitthis link for tips to improve the google pagerank f ur site.

So geeeeeeeeeeeks start spinnnning....................

Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to create a gmail filter?

Gmail's filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages. Using filters, you can automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail, based on any combination of keywords, sender, recipients, and more.

To create a filter:

1. Click Create a filter (next to the Search the Web button at the top of any Gmail page).
2. Enter your filter criteria in the appropriate field(s).
3. Click Test Search to see which messages currently in your account match your filter terms. You can update your criteria and run another test search, or click Next Step.
4. Select one or more actions from the list. These actions will be applied to messages matching your filter criteria in the order in which the actions are listed -- for example, you could choose to Forward matching messages to a specific email address, then Delete the messages.
5. If you'd like to apply this filter to messages already in your account, select the Also apply filter to x conversations below checkbox.
6. Click Create Filter.

To edit or delete existing filters:

1. Click Settings (at the top-right of any Gmail page).
2. Click Filters.
3. Find the filter you'd like to change and click its edit link, or click delete to remove the filter.
4. If you're editing the filter, enter the updated criteria for the filter in the appropriate fields, and click Next Step.
5. Update any actions and click Update Filter.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Firefox Gone Wild : 200 + extensions.

USB Hand Band

What is the first thing you save in the event of fire ?

Bill Gates Strikes a Pose for Teen Beat Photospread, 1983

1 Awesome Gmail tip You Don’t Know about. Seriously.

Just about when I thought I got everything out of Gmail, I discovered my top favorite feature. We have published over 30 tools in Gmail RoundUp 1 and almost 80 tools and tips in Gmail RoundUp 2 but never mentioned anything similar to this one. Tribute for this one goes to my 'I am not into computers' type girlfriend.

Let's say that your email address is '', basically everything sent to any of the following email addresses will be forwarded to your primary email.

And that's not all, you can place as many dots as you want, it can be even something like '' and you'll still get it on ''

Additionally, I just also found out that you can embed random text to your email ID using '+' sign. That is to say '' can be used as your email address, as well.

Ok I got it. Now what ?

1. One email for every purpose

Instead of using different email addresses for various purposes (work, school, friends, etc.) you can use different variations of your Gmail and filter incoming mails by 'sent to' address. For instance, all incoming mail sent to '' can be put to folder 'work', messages sent to '' can be put to 'friends', '' can be used for newsletters, and so on.

2. Track/Block spammers

When signing up for some website, say, you can add thatwebsite to your Gmail user ID (eg. This way you can block your subscription whenever you want and even identify those websites that distribute your email address to spammers.


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